Hay mulching and mulch spreading services

Hay mulching protects your seed while it germinates, giving your exposed ground a high level of erosion control while your grasses are taking root. The practice of commercial hay or straw mulching has been used in New Zealand for over 35 years and has consistently delivered strong results on all types of soils, in all environmental conditions.

Mulch spreading: subdivisions, groundworks, roading projects and forestry

Hay mulching is an ideal solution for any exposed areas of ground that need immediate coverage. The spreading of mulch for commercial and civic projects results in a faster, more effective revegetation solution, with instant aesthetic appeal. Mulching is a fast, efficient groundcover solution for subdivisions, where an even layer of seed germination is imperative. Many industries, including forestry and roading, use hay mulching for a faster, more reliable revegetation base.

Why choose commercial mulching?

Organic mulching creates a biodegradable, natural protective layer to encourage faster germination of your seeds. The application of commercial mulching has multiple benefits:

  • Protect exposed earth from erosion while seeds germinate
  • Reduce movement of seeds through wind, rain and bird interference
  • Filter standing water sedimentation through the natural mulch weave
  • Create a micro climate for out-of-season growth support
  • Retain moisture at ground level for healthy growth
  • Reduce weed breakthrough
  • Immediate dust suppression and sediment run-off control
  • Establish an even coverage of grass