Dust suppression, management and control services

Enviro360 brings over 11 years of research, experience and practical knowledge to our dust suppression services, making us the ideal partner for reducing your dust levels. We are proud to introduce GRT Wet-Loc, the world’s leading synthetic dust suppression product, featuring a long chain polymer that penetrates into the substrate to envelop dust without adversely affecting the environment. Dust management has become a pressing topic in New Zealand, with many industries now needing dust suppression plans in place to comply with bylaw legislation. Enviro360 specialises in the assessment of dust hazard, customising dust management plans to suit each client and industry. Our professional application of New Zealand’s most effective dust suppression agent gives our clients a reliable, long-lasting dust control solution.

Forestry road dust suppression

The forestry industry is coming under the spotlight for dust nuisance, with many local councils discussing the need for levies to cover the pollution costs. With forestry remaining one of New Zealand’s biggest industries, this is a real concern – especially in our rural communities. Enviro360 currently works with forestry companies to reduce their impact on the environment, through the application of GRT Wet-Loc in high traffic, loose metal and dirt road areas. With correct application, this product reduces dust pollution to levels approaching zero: eliminating the negative effects of dust pollution altogether. Learn more

Dust pollution: affecting machines, people and agriculture

The effects of uncontrolled dust nuisance include increased wear and tear on your machinery (driving up maintenance costs), pulmonary and respiratory risks for your workers and nearby residents and damage to local agriculture and horticulture. Visual impairment for drivers is also a common complaint; a massive danger in many large industries. Enviro360 can effectively eliminate the presence of dust, quickly and easily reducing the levels of dust generation to nearly zero. Call us now

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