Landscaping, irrigation and turf maintenance

For commercial and recreational landscaping, turf maintenance and civil projects, Enviro360 have the experience, qualifications and professional equipment you need. From germination to maintenance, we manage commercial and residential lawns and recreational turfs for many New Zealand homes and companies, keeping their grounds in top condition throughout the year. Our hydroseeding services are ideal for landscaping, offering an even spread of seed with guaranteed growth. Sick of patchy, sickly lawn that struggles to grow? Enviro360 is your answer.

Hydroseeding commercial lawns and subdivisions

For subdivisions, commercial areas and recreational sites, hydroseeding offers the fastest and most cost-effective option for revegetation. Hydroseeding will not only stop sediment run off and erosion on your bare land, but will also ensure an even, healthy coverage of certified seed: no weeds or undesirable grasses to contend with. We even go so far as to guarantee the growth of our seed, so if you need grass coverage now, Enviro360 are the team to call.

Irrigation services: irrigation system design and installation

Enviro360 offers professional irrigation system design and installation services, saving you time and money on ensuring your new lawn stays healthy. Talk to us about our ‘install and grow’ options, where your new lawn or turf is irrigated right from the hydroseed stage. Combining our services is not only more time efficient, but it will ensure less disruption to your new grass or turf in the future.

Turf maintenance: sports fields, racecourses, golf courses

When you need your turf to retain health, shape and substance, you need expert advice and hands-on service. Enviro360 deliver a high-quality turf hydroseeding option, with heavy duty, resilient seed mixes ideal for high-use areas. From germination through to after care and ongoing maintenance, we offer a full suite of turf care options. Contact us for more information today!

Landscaping has never been easier thanks to the quick application and full coverage of our hydroseeding services. The strong, guaranteed growth of our seed will give you a healthy, green lawn or turf you need.