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Why choose enviro360?

Experts in hydroseeding and erosion control

We’ve established ourselves as one of New Zealand’s leading erosion control and hydroseeding companies, with a reputation for reliable service and excellent customer care. Our team are known not only for their professional qualifications and experience, but for their down-to-earth natures and outstanding work ethic. We don’t like to brag – but you’ll notice the difference when you work with us.

Hydroseeding: not all seeds are created equal

enviro360 stand by the germination of our seeds, 100%. Basically, if it doesn’t grow, then we’ll come back and fix it. How can we be so sure your grass will germinate? Because our seeds are certified pure. That means our seed mixtures are ideal for each environment they’ve been developed for, and it also means that with the right hydroseed application and aftercare, there is absolutely no reason why our seeds won’t germinate. We’re so confident in the quality of our hydroseed services, that we offer a guarantee on growth. We won’t let you down!

enviro360 customer care

We are proud of the relationships we’ve formed with both our suppliers and our clients. For over a decade, we’ve been forging a strong reputation for client care and reliability: giving our suppliers the peace of mind that their products are in good hands, and our clients the security of quality hydroseeding and erosion control services.

Family owned and operated

enviro360’s main point of difference is that we have remained a family-owned and operated business, with a hands-on approach to everything we do. This is why we stand by all of our products and services 100%: we genuinely care about our clients’ satisfaction. We’re always happy to offer advice, consultation services, after care service and troubleshooting: erosion control is not just our 9-5, it’s our passion.