Hydroseeding: certified seed, guaranteed germination

Enviro360 delivers professional, effective hydroseeding services for faster regrowth and sustainable erosion control. Hydroseeding is the industry-preferred option for managing dust suppression, erosion control and silt/sediment run off, giving fast environmentally-friendly results. We select seeds based on local environmental conditions and soil types, ensuring each location receives the most appropriate and fit-for-purpose seed mix. Hydroseeding is one of our core services and we have a strong reputation for giving our clients stronger, more resilient revegetation in a seed mix that is both certified pure and guaranteed to grow.

Hydroseeding for verges and roading projects

Roading projects have a need for immediate revegetation measures, to assist with sediment run off and slip control. Hydroseeding is an attractive solution, offering fast-germinating seeds with protection from the elements and bird interference. Particularly effective for sloped sites and limited-access areas, hydroseeding provides dust suppression, erosion control and sediment run off solutions for exposed sites during or after roading projects. Revegetation of verges is easily achieved with hydroseeding, Enviro360 offers a mix of seed ideal for this purpose.

Erosion control: quarries, subdivisions and earthworks

Quarries, subdivisions and earthworks all require professional erosion control to maintain geostability and reduce surface slippage and silt run off. Quarry hydroseeding is especially effective in the surface fixing of steep surfaces, eliminating dust nuisance and reducing silt and sediment movement. The hydroseed slurry used for spraying ensures the seed mixture adheres to the steepest slopes, while providing an even coverage of grass without risk of movement from rainfall or wind.

Riparian revegetation, native seed mix

New Zealand’s waterways need protection from excess silt and sediment runoff caused by earthworks, land clearance and agriculture. Enviro360 are proud to offer a targeted native seed mix, ideal for riparian revegetation and enhancement. Studies have shown that native plantings are much more effective at filtering sediment and silt, while also providing an eco-habitat for New Zealand’s native bird and insect species. Enviro360 specialises in selective hydroseeding for riparian management, native revegetation and waterway protection.